CommunityPLUS specializes in loans for Homeowner Associations (HOAs) managed by a professional community association management company. Created for HOAs, our loan qualifications take into account the structure of a HOA and we offer flexible terms and competitive rates.  The CommunityPLUS team is dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of homeowner associations which means you will enjoy the benefits of working with lenders who know and understand your association’s unique needs.

Loan Types

Project Loans: Maintenance and Repair
Siding replacement
Mechanical system replacement
Concrete restoration
Capital Improvement Loans
Land acquisition
Clubhouse construction
Amenity construction/replacement (i.e. pool, playground, tennis courts)
Disaster Recovery Loans
Available in response to natural disasters such as floods, tornados, and hurricanes.
Bridges the gap between the time the damage restoration begins and when the insurance claim is processed.


Most HOA loan terms are between 1 and ten years. As a general rule of thumb, the maximum loan term is half of the life expectancy of the repair or improvement completed with the loan proceeds. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is the borrower?
The HOA is the borrower, not the individual homeowners.

What type of assets can serve as collateral?
The most common source of collateral are dues and assessments (both current and future).  This also includes, but is not limited to, the association's deposits. Real estate is rarely used as collateral.

What are the most important items considered during the loan application?
We look at a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Association size
  • Delinquency percentages
  • Cash flow
  • Owner composition and concentration

Depending on the factors above, the bank may finance up to 100% of the project costs.

Loans are subject to credit approval.